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It’s time to protect your irrigation system from winter damage. Green Thumb Landscaping is offering a winter irrigation special to insure your irrigation investment remains in tip-top shape throughout the freezing temperatures of winter. We’ll remove the water from your pipes, pumps, valves and sprinkler heads and insure your controller system is clear and disconnected from accidental operation. We may also insulate backflow preventers, valves and drain outlets that are above ground if your system requires it.

Removing water from the system is essential for areas that reach freezing temperatures and the Willamette Valley nearly always freezes over winter. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac this winter is expected to be colder and rainier than normal and above-normal snowfall predicted for mid December, early January and a cold period in early March. The stormiest periods will be throughout November and in early to mid- and mid- to late December, early January, and and mid- to late February.

DIY Tips for Winterizing Your Irrigation System

  • Shut off the water supply to your irrigation system. If you don’t have a shut off valve for the water to your irrigation system you need one that won’t freeze. Green Thumb Landscaping can install a protected valve for your irrigation water supply that is either heated or insulated.
  • If your irrigation system uses an automatic timing controller remove the power source (note that this will require reprogramming in the Spring).
  • Remove water from pipes, pumps, valves and sprinkler heads using either a manual drain valve method, automatic drain valve method or a compressed air blow-out method
  • Insulate above ground piping, backflow preventers, pumps & valves – use foam insulating tape or tubes and be sure not to block air vents or drain outlets.
  • Or call Green Thumb Landscaping and let us do it for you professionally, quickly and affordably! Save time and protect your investment!

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