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Irrigation Services

Oregon Commercial Irrigation Services

Find a sprinkler system that will save you water and money.

First impressions are everything. You should have an irrigation system in place that will provide a lush and green landscape to showcase your property. The amount of water your landscape receives need not be left up to Mother Nature either. Water is one of our most natural resources, so Green Thumb is committed to being an industry leader in water management and irrigation systems. Our expert technicians take a pro-active approach to conservation so we can be good a steward to this most natural element in landscape management. Our irrigation system will be custom designed for your unique property to optimize water use and minimize costs.

Water Conservation System

Want to save money on water bills and conserve natural resources? Green Thumb Landscaping offers an innovative program to do exactly that! For one annual fee, we’ll take care of monitoring your sprinkler system and keeping it in proper working order all year long. You won’t have to worry about a thing!

  • Winterization and Spring Startup
  • Water Management
  • Irrigation Auditing
  • Backflow Testing and Installation
  • Central Controller Setup and Monitoring
  • Check for Necessary Repairs

Seasonal Color

Set your landscape apart with distinctive color and texture.

Whether it is Spring or Fall color, or whether it is inclusive with the Maintenance program or exclusive color installation; Green Thumb will provide the necessary color to enhance the surrounding environment. Green Thumbs Landscaping Designers will work with a desired color, texture, and growth habit pallet that will be unique and withstand our soggy spring conditions.

You’ll be amazed what a difference blooming plants and flowers can make in your landscaping. Our annual color programs are an easy way to instantly bring color, texture, and aesthetic appeal to your property.

We start by planning and carefully preparing the site of your beds. We import healthy soil, then add natural organic nutrients and slug repellent, to ensure large vibrant ornamentals and flowers. Twice a year, in Spring and Fall, we replace the plants to reflect a seasonal palette. For one set price, we take care of everything. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the beautiful results!

  • Seasonal Annual Bed Rotations
  • Ornamental Containers and Planters
  • Perennial and Cutting Gardens
  • Monthly Horticultural Care


Irrigation sets your landscape apart with distinctive color and texture.

You can depend on intelligent design and coordinated installation that will minimize disruption to your property. We keep maintenance in mind, to maximize the visual impact while reducing your long-term maintenance costs. Whether it’s simply bark mulch, or security enhancement, drainage issues, or a face lift to change the look Green Thumb will work closely with you to design and install the right solution at the right price.

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